Capital Fuse offers strategic hotel asset management. Services available include: competition and performance analysis; key personnel review; annual budget, sales & marketing plan reviews; monthly financial and capital expenditure reviews; interface with branded managers; benefit flows to real estate; and strategic plan review.

Capital Fuse currently provides hotel management services for over $500 million of hotel assets.


Capital Fuse puts together opportunistic deals for hotel assets. We will evaluate other asset classes on a case-by-case basis.

Typical investments are in the $10 to $40 million range, often falling below the institutional radar.


Capital Fuse is putting together a hotel fund that targets opportunistic and sliver equity deals from hotel management companies.  This allows hotel management companies to free up their balance sheet in exchange for Capital Fuse having access to off-market opportunities.

With the right connections and strong advisory board Capital Fuse understands the complexities involved to unlock these investments.


With the growing popularity of crowdfunding and changes in federal legislation the hotel industry is opening up to a larger population, and is no longer limited to large institutional investors and REITs.

Capital Fuse provides the opportunity for private investors and small funds to diversify into the hospitality industry.